Peergreen Embedded Server (PES)

Peergreen Embedded Server is a new, packaged offering that facilitates creating applications across a wide range of embedded systems including network appliances, healthcare gateways, home gateways and routers and large peripherals. Peergreen Embedded Server is based on Peergreen Application Platform and the Oracle Standard Edition (Java SE) Embedded 7. Within this server, Peergreen integrates a core OSGi kernel with a small footprint surrounded by à la carte OSGi & Java middleware and one or several applications into a standards-based solution optimized for Mobile/M2M/IoT devices.


A solution to optimize costs


Oracle SE embedded V7 based solution ensuring sustainability, portability and interoperability based on open standards.

Shortens time to market and increases productivity with Peergreen application platform as a service development and debugging tools (Eclipse plugin, PaxExam & Arquillian support), mature off-the-shelf technical services and diagnostic tools.

Eases application evolution thanks to OSGi and Java standards.


Embedded device class support

Avoids human errors with advanced configuration tools

Eases provisioning and deployment on gateways and smart things with remote repositories and smart deployment.

Reduces maintenance costs by avoiding oversized applications and reducing service interruption.


Reduces administration costs, both at the application & the server levels, with remote start/stop and self-behaviors.

Reduces reaction time when problems occur with an intelligent tracking system (events engine ased) to detect abnormal behavior (errors, exceeded thresholds, JVM crashes,etc)

Eliminate repetitive tasks and automate corrective measures with customized definitions and actions for managed elements.

PaaS for 3u solutions

A 3U solution (Universal, Uniform, Ubiquituous) addresses applications heterogeneity, from Service Oriented Architectures in information systems to embedded systems. For instance, a Peergreen server with its 'à la carte' middleware fits well the needs of Internet of Things servers which require to be supported by resource constrained environment. Internet of Things servers take place in the extended cloud from datacenters to the physical world gateways what may consist of reduced-size computer such as the Rasperry Pi
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  First release of Peergreen Web Console is available!   Download it now

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