Dynamic and modular application platform

Peergreen Application Platform provides a development and deployment environment of right sized servers with a core low footprint kernel surrounded by "a la carte" middleware and business code. Peergreen Application Platform provides a range of services such as : a developer studio, application stores, centralized management and cloud services . Several deployment options are supported : on-premises data-centers , on IaaS clouds as PaaS and in resource constrained embedded systems. Peergreen Application Plaforms usages are multiple according to the applications needs, for instance: Web Application Servers (WAS), Enterprise Information Servers (EIS) , Internet of Things Servers (IoTS).

Peergreen Kernel is a lightweight OSGi based container providing a robust foundation to run your Java embedded services. Thanks to its high performance deployment system leveraging the multi-cores processors architecture, Peergreen Kernel speeds up startup time and online management tasks. Peergreen Kernel is 100% Java written and is compliant with any JRE 1.7 such as Oracle HotSpot, Oracle Java SE Embedded, etc... Its low memory footprint (less than 5MB on disk) enables its deployment on a constrained environment of the embedded field.
  • Multi-tenant OSGi: OSGi R5 gateway (Eclipse Equinox or Apache Felix) enhanced with service component model (Apache iPOJO) and OSGi Subsystems (Apache Aries) to ensure data and service isolation between users.
  • Task Orchestration: Scalable tasks executor (parallel & sequential) to implement various activities and used internally by the deployment system.
  • Solver: Requirement / capability solver, eg. to check application meta-data against the current context (available services, environment setting, ...).
  • Logging: Flexible message logging (error, debug) with file or console output. OW2 utilities based.
  • Shell: Expandable and dynamic command line interface with history, completion and SSH support. OW2 Shelbie based.
  • Deployment System: High performance deployment service, multi-phases architecture to process any type of deployable, user hooks (pre-deploy, post-deploy, ...), composite application (several bundles) support with deployment plan and dependencies model, persistent state support, remote deployment support with url or maven repository client.
  • Configuration Repository: Configuration file management with versioning support enabling safe modifications.
  • Security: Authentication and authorization, based on Java EE and OSGi security models.


  • Development tooling : Eclipse & maven plugins. Arquillian & Pax Exam support.
  • A builder (service factory) to develop and integrate your critical business applications

Application Store

  • Repository for middleware and application services
  • Application stores can be public or private. Developers use application stores at build time to compose " a la carte" right sized application stacks.
  • Centralized Administration tool of Peergreen PaaS that provides technical and functional capabilities for servers management.
  • Features:
    • Rapid and automatic provisioning;
    • Reliable deployment system for applications;
    • Adaptive monitoring framework;
    • Automatic behaviors to ensure the application’s elasticity and high availability (self-scaling , self-healing);
  • All the management services are accessible from a REST based interface, as well as a web user interface or a CLI.
Peergreen cloud services turn the Peergreen platform into a Platform as a Service (PaaS);
They control part of infrastructure resources belonging to different models of IaaS clouds:
  • public clouds;
  • private clouds constructed with data-center infrastructures;
  • hybrid clouds that interconnect at least one private cloud and one public cloud.
Their major role is to abstract the part of infrastructure controlled by the PaaS solution, to the applications.
Peergreen cloud services comprise:
  • services to handle Peergreen server packages: adding or updating components, management of test and pre-production environment and management of industrialization;
  • placement of Peergreen servers in IaaS computing resources (e.g. virtual machine).
This placement includes the services of multi-tenancy that allow to optimize the system resources consumed by the applications;
  • provisioning services;
  • elasticity to dynamically adjust the infrastructure resources required by an application;
  • integrity services;
  • continuity services;
  • supervision (control center feature) of:
    • infrastructure resources used by the applications;
    • the applications.
  • Management tools (control center feature): catalog of services, portal, métrics, billing…
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