Peergreen Platform Professional edition

Peergreen Platform product offers a Professional edition that provides a subscription to a certified and enhanced version of the product with long-term support.

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The Professional subscription entitles you to:
  • get a certified version including value-added addons such as production tooling or the ‘à la carte’ platform builder. See the editions comparison matrix for further information.
  • get regular service packs including debugging and security updates.
  • up to 9 years of long-term support
  • guaranteed SLA Support.
  • free access to Peergreen events such as webinars, newsletters, Peergreen Days, etc...
  • training & expertise services on Peergreen Platform Professional

Benefits of the Professional Edition


The Professional subscription offers the following benefits:
  • Secured innovation: Peergreen Platform Professional takes advantage of the vibrant and innovative Open Source communities while at the same time reducing risk through stable professional supported software.
  • Reliability: Peergreen Platform Professional is tailored for a production environment and provides all the required capabilities for mission-critical applications.
  • Security: Peergreen Platform Professional embeds most of industry security standards and Professional customers have access to additional updates through the regular service packs.
  • Performance: Peergreen Platform Professional is configured for optimal performance under load and provides all the tuning points to meet the application needs in term of scalability.
  • Stability: Peergreen Platform Professional is tested and certified using specific quality assurance processes to ensure a high level of stability. No new features are added to Professional edition patches or regular service packs, avoiding regression risks.

Advanced features

  • ‘A la carte’ platform builder: Peergreen Platform Professional is equipped with a software builder enabling ISVs, manufacturers or IT integrators to build theirs own right sized middleware embedding and distributing only the selected services (OEM).
  • Branding customization tool: Peergreen Platform Professional enables banner customization by putting on its own brand logo.
  • Management stuff: Peergreen Platform EE provides OS wrapper service, MBeans and management interface enabling its integration into the production environment.
  • Security addons: Peergreen Platform Professional provides additional security mechanisms such as secured deployment repository access.

Service Level Agreements

Subscriptions for Peergreen Platform Professional are available in three levels and are sold on a per core basis (virtual or physical). Please contact Peergreen here for detailed information about pricing, trial licenses, and volume discounts.


Peergreen Platform Professional including additional features and tooling
Patches / updates
Consolidated service packs

Web-based Incident Tracker
Updates alerts
Incident Resolution Support
Number of incidents
Number of customer contacts
min 2 (may be greater depending on the volume)
min 3 (may be greater depending on the volume)
min 4 (may be greater depending on the volume)
Support time
8 x 5 - Business day - France time zone
8 x 5 - Business day - France time zone
24 x 7 - 365 day
Max Ack Time (minor severity)
2 business days
1 business day
4 hours
Max Ack Time (major severity)
1 business day
4 hours
1 hour
Max Ack Time (question on use or development)
2 business days
2 business days
1 business day
Max Response Time (minor severity)
5 business days
5 business days
Max Response Time (major severity)
5 business days
2 business days

Support phases & duration

The life cycle of the Peergreen Platform release is divided into three 3-year-phases starting from the first shipment date. Standard support is provided with the subscription and two other support types (extended & end of life) are provided as an option.
Standard support
Extended support
End of life support

Provided support
Standard support phase
Extended support phase
End of life support phase
Search solution in knowledge base
Patches Only for blocking bugs
Use or development help inquiries

Consolidated service packs


Extended & End of Life support are applied only to existing deployment done during the standard support phase.


What is the difference between Peergreen Platform Professional and Comunity editions ?

Peergreen Platform Community edition is the free community version addressing users/developers who need neither contract support nor access to industrialization tooling. Each version of Peergreen Platform Community has an expiration term after which it must be upgraded to continue its use.Peergreen Platform Professional is a commercial version of our application server that provides a professional software level. Peergreen Platform Professional releases are more stable that the Community ones. It is accessible through a subscription entitling its users to long-term support service and added value features within the platform. Support is provided by the Peergreen engineering team and is sold on a per core basis.Peergreen Platform Professional release cycles might be less than with the Community edition; generally there is a lagging period of a few weeks after the release of the Community edition before the release of the Professional version, due to a more intense testing period. . To summarize, Peergreen Platform Community addresses developers with free innovative features and rapid development tooling, whereas Peergreen Professional targets ISVs & integrators with rebranding capabilities and operators who require production tooling for mission-critical applications.

What are the licenses of Peergreen Platform editions ?

Peergreen Platform Community & Professional are made available under a commercial license. Peergreen Platform Community offers a free-limited-time-trial. Peergreen Platform Professional is only accessible for customers who have contracted the subscription.

Is Peergreen involved in Open Source communities ?

Yes, Peergreen is a corporate member OW2 consortium and. Peergreen is a major contributor in many Open Source projects such as OW2 Shelbie, OW2 Easybeans, OW2 JOnAS, OW2 Utils, Apache Felix/iPOJO, Apache Cxf etc...

Is Peergreen Platform Professional free for education ?

Yes Peergreen Platform Professional is free for students and university staff. As described in our Peergreen Campus program, we want to promote partnerships with universities in order to foster innovation in the community and disseminate our technology. Contact us about getting a university license agreement.

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